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The FastNet Case is a secure, mobile comms case provisioned with all the hardware and software components needed to deploy a pop up network on the go.

It’s a rugged closed-case solution that becomes the ultimate “WiFi Hotspot”, “Network-In-A-Box”, and a ready, accessible “go kit” for mobile, digital-data communications. The FastNet Case utilises high-gain cellular connectivity to allow its end-users to access and transmit and receive digital-data as needed per application. The FastNet Case is ideal for users who need a mobile, secure and private Internet connection, and know they’ll have access to power.

What's Inside

  • 230V AC Input
  • Data Ports (Optional)
  • LTE Gateway & Router
  • 122 meter Range WiFi Access Point
  • Power Adaptor
  • Power Strip
  • PoE Injector (24v)

How It Works

The FastNet Case provides real-time communications with wireless Internet and WiFi hotspot connectivity, similar to mobile phone technology, but with high-powered components and higher frequencies to deliver Internet, WiFi, and voice connectivity in extreme conditions and remote locations. Our FastNet devices have powerful on-board modems and routers and built-in omnidirectional high-gain antennas, capable of accessing cell towers over 40 miles away (depending on line of sight), and projecting WiFi access for users up to 122 meters away. As an easy-to-use, closed-case solution, the FastNet Case functions in the closed, latched position.

To activate your FastNet Case, simply:

  • Plug in the FastNet Case to power.
  • Wait 3-5 minutes for the devices to boot.
  • Locate the available WiFi network in your device.
  • Log your device into the available WiFi network with your credentials.

In just minutes, you’ll establish a secure, Internet connection.