Kirsty Vaughan Jones - Norfolk

I can recommend ping it wifi with utmost confidence.

I was sceptical as for years other companies had offered solutions () living in a large house with thick walls and being in an area with not even fibre within 2 miles or a chance of getting it within the next few years. Nothing worked our bills were huge.

Pingit came Ash was delightful helpful and within a week our new system was installed, and we have WiFi everywhere and our bill is £20 per month.

My children are delighted homework can be delivered on time via the internet and there is no longer the need to rush off to a friend or relation in a panic as there is no internet at home.

I wish I had met the pingit team years ago.


Paddy Seligman - Wolterton

Access to Broadband in remote parts of Norfolk is difficult but PingiT WiFi have made it possible for me. I am so pleased with my 4G connection and strongly recommend it to all – not just those who live out in the backwoods!


Keith Lawrence – Knapton

I don’t usually respond to review requests, but on this occasion, I would like to say thanks to both you and Ash for the excellent service we have received when fixing our two system failures.

We appreciate the work, effort, help and support given by Ash during both call outs, all the more so as we are aware how busy the Company is.

I would also like to say thanks to Ryan for the calm and very patient way he talked me through the various diagnostic processes the other day, how painfully slow and ignorant I am of simple computer functions. The bad news is that the family have decided I am still to be responsible for I.T. so I will probably be on the phone again.

Thanks again to Ryan and Ash.


Anthony Albert - Skegness

My new ping it wifi 4G smart router is fantastic. Most of the year I’m in my caravan in the middle of a field near Skegness and it works perfectly. Haven’t had any cut-out issues or periods of down time and best of all its portable, so I can take it home after my stay.

Absolutely spot on, cannot fault the product and service


Cheryl Dennison - Leeds

I was previously with TalkTalk and it never worked properly so I just gave up, I found out about ping it wifi through a family member and since then I haven’t looked back.

The service was brilliant, Ryan ran me through the activation process and within minutes I was online. I haven’t had any issues since and can’t thank them enough for the service. The best provider I have dealt with.