What is 4G home WiFi and can I get fast broadband in my area?

What is 4G Home WiFi?

Our 4G home WiFi uses the mobile network to provide home internet access the same way as you'd get online or on your smartphone.

It uses our Smart Router that's similar to those from regular broadband providers, but designed to use a SIM card rather than be plugged into your phone socket. It's more sophisticated than a regular mobile WiFi device.

You can also move the router wherever you want to in your home to get the best signal, or to improve the wireless range in places you need it most. It's not tied to being plugged into a phone socket, so doesn't usually need to stay in a fixed place like a regular broadband router giving you high speed internet anywhere in the premises.

Can I get 4G Home WiFi

Given the extent of mobile coverage in the UK these days, there aren't too many areas that don't get a signal, even in rural areas we have successfully installed systems in Scotland with amazing results.

Even if the signal is poor inside your house, we can still get you an internet service. We can fit an external antenna to your house that plugs into your router and will boost the signal, providing you with a better connection. However, most people find that this isn't necessary and are fine with just the router it is all dependent in the area you are situated in.

To be entirely sure just get in contact on 01603 755 416 and one of our experts will be happy to help.