The Rural Internet Scheme

At PiNGIT-WiFi we understand getting a good, reliable internet service is extremely difficult for both residential and business properties in the rural areas of Norfolk.

Our engineers have being installing our systems in to properties across the UK for some time and are experts when it comes to rural broadband.

We have found a vast amount of parishes and villages in Norfolk that are without access to high speed broadband, where the only download speeds available are averaging at 3mbps. To stream videos and movies, we recommend around 6mbps.

Our devices contain our own in house firmware that allows our systems to reach much higher speeds than standard equipment. We only use the best products available to ensure that we offer the highest speeds available through the 4G network. Even if the signal is poor inside your house, we can still get you an internet service of amazing speeds. We can fit an external antenna to your house that plugs into your router and will boost the signal, providing you with a better connection.

We are currently working with the local parishes, residents and businesses by scheduling free engineer surveys to check for signal strength, speed and coverage of the area.

Please call on 01603 755416 to schedule your 30 minute, free internet survey and see how we can help you.