Preparing for 5G Network - Updated

5G will be super super fast and we are ready

Think the 20-60Mb speeds of 4G are already pretty quick? How does 200-250Mb sound? Typical 5G speeds are ten times faster than 4G right from day one. Find the perfect conditions and it can go way beyond even that anyway, our Smart LTE Routers are adapted to have 5G once it becomes available.

What do the faster speeds mean? It'll improve everything you do online, from simple browsing to sharing huge files, it'll deliver instantaneous app downloads, and even allow you to watch Netflix in 4K with your date with none of the awkwardness of the loading screen.

So when will you be able to use 5G? It's available right now in major cities like London, Manchester, Cardiff, Edinburgh and Belfast. By the end of the year it'll be available in over 30 locations, from Bournemouth to Birkenhead, and then in over 50 places by the end of next year. Different networks will target different places, so you might need to switch.

But the rollout will take some time. Even areas that do have 5G won't have blanket coverage, and if you're in smaller town it might be two or three years before 5G arrives.


All of the big mobile network providers are hoping to have full coverage of the big cities and towns around the UK by the end of 2020.

As our systems are LTE (Long Term Evolution) this means they will automatically switch to 5G when it is available in your area.