Internet Anywhere...

When we say we have installed everywhere we mean everywhere, from the highlands of Scotland to the south east of Kent we are yet to visit an area we have being unable to install in.

We kitted Paul out with a lovely room at the Hundalee House in Jedburgh due to the distance but hey, we will always go above and beyond for our customers’ needs to make sure we are there when we say we will be there, and we are on time no matter what. Paul's own words are that “Shelia at Hundalee House was a lovely host whilst I was staying there, and the food was very nice with a wide selection” from the team at PiNGIT thanks for looking after our Paul Sheila.



When our highly skilled engineer Paul visited, he used an analyser to determine the mast Strength and location. Due to the tree cover around the customers property Paul installed an antenna to boost the signal and get the fantastic speeds you see below. Let’s just say the customer was very impressed at the speeds we were able to provide him as I’m sure you are. How amazing is that for an area as rural as Jedburgh?




This just shows how committed we are to our customers and achieving the best results possible.