FTTP (Fibre To The Premises)

Great value ultrafast fibre broadband.

FTTP Fibre to the Premises broadband provides the fastest possible speeds available for a broadband product – using total-fibre infrastructure all the way to your premises it offers you ultrafast speeds and a more reliable connection that allows you to run more bandwidth-hungry applications. Choose one of our great-value packages today to start enjoying downstream speeds of up to a massive 330Mb and increased upload speeds of up to 50Mb, with the kind of supreme reliability that only comes from one of the UK’s leading fibre broadband suppliers.



At PiNGIT-WiFi, we’ve been pioneering FTTP, if you’re wondering about the benefits of ultrafast connectivity, then imagine the full family streaming Netflix and Youtube all at the same time and never being slowed down for all users.  An ultrafast connection would take all these things in its stride, ensuring smooth fast connectivity.

For larger families especially, with multiple connected devices, or when you simply don’t want to make any compromises on connectivity, ultrafast FTTP allows you to cope with anything the internet today has to offer.

Of course, FTTP is currently only available to a relatively small proportion of the UK, though this figure is growing all the time. In the meantime, superfast FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) is available for most and provides ample download and upload speeds.

While FTTP coverage continues to increase, we’re also helping to pioneer another type of ultrafast connectivity, G.fast, which promises ultrafast speeds over legacy copper networks. That means many more people will have access to the fastest form of broadband. Watch this space for more information on G.fast over the coming months.