Free WiFi Survey

What Is A WiFi Survey?

 A WiFi survey is essential to the planning and design of your system. The general factors we consider is the size of the premises, the needed coverage, the number of devices that will be connected simultaneously and the construction of the building. 


What We Take In To Account 

  • To provide you with a better service we first have to diagnose the issues you are currently having.
  • We'll ensure that your main services and software run fluently without fault, designing the network with this in mind.
  • We would also inspect the infrastructure of the building making sure the system will be fit for purpose if we was to complete an install.
  • One of our trained engineers would analyse the coverage of your current network to ensure you can get connected whenever and wherever you need to.


What Happens During The Survey

Once onsite, our engineer uses a signal analyser to locate the strongest signal, we would then use our Wireless test equipment in accordance with your building type, regardless of your environment or how many floors your business is spread across.

We would then complete a walk of the building, our engineer will also be checking out any potential problem areas or safety issues.

We would be able to show you the speeds and coverage of the WiFi on the day.

The process will take just 30 minutes depending on the size of the premises along with any questions you may have.

To scheduled your WiFi Survey please call 01603 755416 


WiFi surveys are free of charge