VoIP Services

If I Use A VoIP Service Who Can I Call?

You can call anyone, anywhere on any type of telephone or network in the UK. The receiver of the call needs to have no special equipment and won’t know what kind of call he is receiving. 

Does It Sound As Good As An Ordinary Telephone Call?

Normally the call will sound identical to an ordinary telephone call – you won’t be able to tell the difference. If your call is to another Voipfone customer and you are both using Voipfone and VoIP telephones the call quality is much better than an ordinary call, this is because it is transmitted digitally end to end at 64kbs - ie radio quality sound.

Can I Use My Computer While I talk On The Phone?


Can I Take My telephone Or Phone Adapter With Me When I Travel?

You can use your VoIP telephone service wherever you travel as long as you have access to a high speed Internet connection. In that case it would work exactly the same as from your home or business.

Does My Computer Have To Be Turned on? 

Not if you are making calls with a VoIP telephone or a VoIP telephone  adaptor, but your broadband Internet connection needs to be active. You can also use your computer while talking on the phone.

How Do I Know If I Have A VoIP Phone Call?

It will ring like any other call.